• Classes Offered

    Soft Shoe

    Students start out with soft shoes.  Soft shoe dances include reel, light jig, slip jig and single jig.  As children master these dances they are introduced to hard shoe.  Soft shoes are black leather pumps which are laced up.

    Hard Shoe

    Hard shoes are similar to tap but with a fiberglass tip.  Hard shoe dances include treble jig, hornpipe and "set" dances.  


    Our school is a team-oriented School.  We offer team classes to all students who are at the Novice level of dancing.  Students are are chosen by the teachers to compete at Regional, National and International level.  It is an honor and an achievement to be part of a team.

    Adult Classes

    We also offer adult classes at our Scotch Plains location.  It is a fun way to keep fit.  Our adults also compete at competitions although this is not a requirement.

    Fitness and Yoga

    On occasion, we invite fitness instructors and yoga instructor to run classes for the students.

  • School Dress Code

    Students must abide by the following dress code:

    Loose-fitting shorts - either cotton or Nylon – no sweatpants, jeans, cut-offs etc.

    T-Shirt – no sleeveless tops/tanks, halterS, midriffs etc. 
    T-Shirts should not contain words that may be offensive or inappropriate

    Socks must be worn with shoes and proper dance shoes MUST also be worn. 
    No child will be allowed dance in socks should they forget their shoes

    Hair should be tied back and the fringe/bang clipped out of your face

    No cell phones in the classroom.