• Garden State Feis 2018

    Sunday, March 4, 2018
    David Brearley High School - 401 Monroe Avenue, Kenilworth, NJ 07033
    Start Time 8:30 A.M, Doors Open Approx. 7:30am

    * Results will be posted via Twitter @gardenstatefeis

  • Garden State Feis Notes

    We look forward to seeing everyone this weekend. Below are a few housekeeping notes to keep the day running smoothly.  

    • PARKING is limited at the high school. Please carpool if at all possible. You may park ONLY within marked spaces in the school lot; no one may park on the grass or at the curb. We are required to have local police assigned to our event, and they will ticket or tow illegally parked vehicles. If you must park on the surrounding streets, please observe all posted signs.
      There is an overflow parking lot at the Harding Elementary School, adjacent to the high school. If there is no parking left at the high school, you should turn left out of the high school parking lot onto Washington Ave, turn right onto 19th Street, then right on Boulevard and right on 18th Street.  The elementary school lot is on the left. Note: it’s not as far as it sounds – the winding route is due to one-way streets (see link for parking map).
      We ask that any busses please park at the elementary school lot after dropping their passengers at the entry door.

    • No Camping on either side of any doors leading to the gyms, including those marked “No Entry” or “Committee Access Only” – these doors are kept closed due to stage placement, however are used throughout the day by the feis committee. It is also a fire code violation, so belongings found blocking any doors will be moved.
      Chairs should not be placed in either gym, and blankets are not allowed anywhere in the venue, to allow space for spectators and for people to travel safely between rooms. Please be considerate of families trying to watch their dancers, and of dancers trying to line up at each stage.

    • Used Costumes may be placed for sale in a designated area that will be monitored.  As requested by the venue, nothing may be hung on the walls or lockers in the hallways. The fee is $5.00 per dress or vest/jacket, payable in cash only. The appropriate paperwork will be located onsite.  Unattended costumes found hanging around the building will be placed in a lost & found area.
    • Hard Shoe dancing is not allowed on the uncovered wood floors in either gym. We regret that there is not adequate space for a practice stage, however if the gym floors are damaged we will lose the privilege of renting this venue. We also ask that dancers not practice in the hallways where the floors are not safe. We are required by the fire marshal to keep the halls clear.
    • Food and Beverages will be available for purchase in the cafeteria. No coolers are permitted in the building. Please do not camp in the cafeteria, as seating there is limited. Also, please do not attempt to "reserve" tables; unattended items will be removed.
    • Dancer Check In will be side stage at least 1/2 hour before each competition. We will proceed as scheduled, and if you miss your rotation you will not be allowed to dance.
    • Championship Awards will be held in the cafeteria. Award times will be posted for each competition just outside the cafeteria and on Twitter (@gardenstatefeis) 10-15 minutes prior to announcing results. Dancers should be in costume for awards.

    • Marks for Solo Competitions will be available online after the feis, through your FeisWeb account.

    Good Luck to all Garden State Feis competitors!

    Thank you,
    Garden State Feis Committee