Teams play an important part in our School.  We feel it  makes for a better "overall" dancer.  It is in instrumental in instilling "teamwork" within our school as well as helping those students who wish to be a part of a "show" when reach that age.  Our teams are dedicated to their art from as is reflected in our competitive results.  We compete in teams at regional, National and World Class level.  Our greatest competitive achievement to date is receiving a globe for 3rd place in the Senior Figure Dance Competition at the World Irish Dance Championships in  Boston.  We have achieved numerous regional and National titles with our teams and are very proud of each and every team member.

    • When can I join a team

      Once dancers reach novice/prizewinners level they are considered for teams.

    • What is the commitment to teams

      If chosen for a team you receive your schedule approx. 4 to 6 months ahead.  This gives students a chance to plan their activities around their team schedule.

    • When are teams practiced

      Teams are generally done on either Saturday or Sunday.  If there is a Feis on the weekend on a Saturday - we have the team class on Sunday and vice versa.